Do you have the prowess to trade futures and commodities?  Perhaps you don’t have the time to master the skills necessary to trade.

eFloorTrade finds this a primary concern of many clients and can help you find the investing solutions that work best in your busy lifestyle.  There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach to investing in commodities and we will work with you on a custom solution that caters to your risk tolerance and objectives.  Focus on what you want to do while actively participating in futures.

analysis efloortradeAccess Real Opportunities Now

Create a Portfolio of Automated Strategies – Defer all commodity futures trading decisions and executions to a tested third-party computer-based futures trading strategy through Automated Trading Strategy Execution.

Diversify Your Portfoliotrading

Invest in Managed Futures – Select a professional Commodity Trading Advisor (“CTA”) to manage your investments in the futures and commodities markets.  Contact us to learn more about Managed Futures today!